GZIP形式に圧縮する際にgzipコマンドを用いると、CPUのコア数を1つしか使いませんので時間がかかってしまいます。 そこで、pigzを用いるとマルチコアで並列に処理を行いますので、gzipに比べて高速に圧縮することが可能です。 本ページでは、pigzの使い方を解説します。



$ apt-get install pigz
$ yum install pigz
$ brew install pigz


$ pigz -h


$ pigz Usage: pigz [options] [files ...] will compress files in place, adding the suffix '.gz'. If no files are specified, stdin will be compressed to stdout. pigz does what gzip does, but spreads the work over multiple processors and cores when compressing. Options: -0 to -9, -11 Compression level (level 11, zopfli, is much slower) --fast, --best Compression levels 1 and 9 respectively -b, --blocksize mmm Set compression block size to mmmK (default 128K) -c, --stdout Write all processed output to stdout (won't delete) -d, --decompress Decompress the compressed input -f, --force Force overwrite, compress .gz, links, and to terminal -F --first Do iterations first, before block split for -11 -h, --help Display a help screen and quit -i, --independent Compress blocks independently for damage recovery -I, --iterations n Number of iterations for -11 optimization -k, --keep Do not delete original file after processing -K, --zip Compress to PKWare zip (.zip) single entry format -l, --list List the contents of the compressed input -L, --license Display the pigz license and quit -M, --maxsplits n Maximum number of split blocks for -11 -n, --no-name Do not store or restore file name in/from header -N, --name Store/restore file name and mod time in/from header -O --oneblock Do not split into smaller blocks for -11 -p, --processes n Allow up to n compression threads (default is the number of online processors, or 8 if unknown) -q, --quiet Print no messages, even on error -r, --recursive Process the contents of all subdirectories -R, --rsyncable Input-determined block locations for rsync -S, --suffix .sss Use suffix .sss instead of .gz (for compression) -t, --test Test the integrity of the compressed input -T, --no-time Do not store or restore mod time in/from header -v, --verbose Provide more verbose output -V --version Show the version of pigz -z, --zlib Compress to zlib (.zz) instead of gzip format -- All arguments after "--" are treated as files



$ pigz [ファイル名]



$ cat [ファイル名] | pigz > [ファイル名].gz